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Hello - from observing to posting

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Hi. I've observed this site for several years, and now fancy submitting the occasional post.

I've been a villa fan since a young age, my dad taking me to my first game in November 1986 when I was eight (2-0 win vs Leicester, Simon Stainrod got both (one an overhead kick I think)). From then on I had the bug and went several more times that season - many great times with my dad who had followed villa since the late early 50s and always tells me about Peter MacParland and Gerry Hichens. Although I've had many seasons when I went to c12-15 homes games, my only season ticket was in 1995-96 (college rates!), which was a great season for it, perhaps second only to 92-93 in terms of my favourites.  McGrath is the best villa player I've seen, but I also loved watching Merson, Garry Parker, Dean Saunders, Alan McInally, Yorke and Mellberg and many others. Always liked Gareth Barry too. 

Today I went to my first Villa ladies game, taking my daughter and wife with me (daughter's first visit and wife's first for about 17 years). Really enjoyed it and fancied posting on here about it - hence me finally registering!

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