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How do you like your women?


Who do you find more sexy  

117 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you find more sexy

    • A woman who is a size zero to 6
    • A woman who is a size 8 to 10
    • A woman who is a size 12 to 16
    • Bigger.

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  • VT Supporter

I'm not actually bothered in the slightest. Some "bigger" girls can have a bloody gorgeous face and a personality to boot.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :nod:

12-14 is just splendid.

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Mrs The_Rev hops between size 10 & size 12. Like a lot of people on here, ill vote for how the woman in my life looks, or i would it it wasnt split over 2 options in the poll!

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10-12 but that's not an option..

Isn't that illegal ;):mrgreen:

Two words: Saaya Irie

Several more words: Google it. You will feel like Gary Glitter and Graham Rix rolled into one if you do though.

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  • VT Supporter

Nope. I like them nice, size is irrelevant.

BUT, if I had to choose between two equally likeable women, one skinny or one - let's say "Rubensesque", I'd go for the curvy one every time.

Can't stand stick insects.

EDIT: I voted 12 - 16.

I'm with ye Mr Mooney

agree with you both.

I agree with this trio of distinguished and refined tastes.

12-16 with gusts to 20.

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12 is good, 14 good too.

for me, it's all about curvaceousness and how Big the girl is. marilyn Monroe had a great figure IMO, and she was about a 12 to 14.

some woemn can be fat and 12 or 14 and look bad, others are simply bigger/curveier, and look fantastic as a 12 or 14.

but, i much prefer curvy girls to sticks

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so at this point:

57% have voted for size 6, 8 or 10

39% have voted for size 12, 14 or 16

2% have voted size 18, 20, 22+

i'm surprised that there is such a high percentage for size 12-16, i expected it to be more like 25% for 12-16, and 75% for 6-10.

not surprised with the 2% vote for supersize, as there will always be some people who live at the extremes.

I also assumed that those who voted for size 6, didn't want size 4 (USA size 0).

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Dont believe what women tell you - women of size 12/14 sometimes love to pin why they're single on the fact that men 'only' want skinny women.

Kinda like fat people blaming it on genes. Every fat person blames it on genes. NOT THE FACT YOU CHOW DOWN 5000 CALORIES A DAY????

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My GF is a size 8, I like girls with a bit of meat on them normally though, my last 2 GF's have been between size 12-14 I think. 14 was a bit "too much" for me though, I like to be able to at least get my arms around them... I voted for "A woman who is a size 8 to 10"

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trying to relate the sizes to celebs:

Nicole Ritchie - Size 4

Posh Spice - Size 4-6

Keira Knightley - Size 6

Christina Aguilera/Katie Holmes - Size 8

Angelina Jolie/Britney Spears/Kate Winslet - Size 10

?? - size 12

?? - size 14

Kerry Katona - Size 16

Jade Goody - Size 18-20

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