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First prem manager to get the sack?!


First manager for the boot  

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  1. 1. First manager for the boot

    • Benitez
    • Curbishley
    • Ince
    • Hughes

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As it's still preseason, thought we could have a little discussion about the first prem manager to become unemployed.

Can start a poll if we've got some sort of consensus....

I'm going to say Southgate, don't ask me why, just a feeling.

*edit* Seems you cant add poll options once people have started, meh

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Rafa is a good call.

I would think if Blackburn have a poor start then Ince could be in trouble (he already is going by reports of player revolts). I would not be surprised to see Hughes walk out of Man City as well.

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i dont think there will be a lot of managers getting the sack this season, Partly because clubs can no longer afford to sack them, and because there are not many better alternatives out there.

Curbs is most likely to get the chop because the money he has had, (i believe £50million) he has wasted on Bellamy who is always injured, Parker who just isnt the player he was for Charlton 5 years ago and Ljunberg who has had his contract ripped up. still there board have paid out massive fees and are paying massive wages for average players like Lucas Neill (75k a week) Upson (60k) who wont get them into europe, which is what the board need to make a proffitt.

Keegan will end up going at some point during the season, he will probably resign when things start to go tits up.

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I tend to flip flop between Keegan and Curbishley on this.

Keegan, I never really got past the feeling he was brought in to keep the Geordies from booing for 5mins. He's clearly out of his depth, not, shall we say, in full control imo (I'm damn certain Keegan isn't signing players), his chairman is trying to cut back, etc etc. It's waiting to fall apart.

Curbishley, madness in the boardroom, spent like it's going out of fashion (and wasted what was spent by and large), never exactly a convincing manager anyway and again looks like it could go tits up any minute.

I would add the Spanaird to the mix based on tonights revelations but I get the annoying feeling he's stubborn enough to try to ride it out till it's clear his position is buggered.

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Ince needs a good start, but i dont think the board at Blackburn are especially "twitchy" so i think he is fairly safe. I agree with the people that think Hughes is more likely to walk than to be sacked, and much like Benitez, Kevin Keegan still has the love of the fans so sacking either of them would be extremely unpopular. Especially considering the jury is very much out on both of the boards at Liverpool and Newcastle.

Im gonna have to make Curbishley my favourite. West Ham have unrealistic expectations, and i dont think he can meet them.

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Curbishly for me, reasoning:

Liverpool will be doing too well for the Americans to sack him in my opinion, they'd look even more stupid than they do right now if they sacked him while he had them in the top 4!

Hughes won't get sacked, if anything he'll walk.

I think the Blackburn board know they've some of their best players, they'll hardly expect Ince to make them World beaters, he'll stay for the whole season unless they're doing seriously shite.

This leaves Curbs. Just can't see West ham doing anything, reckon they'll be struggling in lower-midtable for all season, their chairman will get bored and boot him.

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I don't think Rafa will be at the plop this time next year.

Hughes will walk before long

Southgate i cannot see leaving or being sacked.

Keegan will walk soon as the going gets tough.

Ince will be given time (unless as already stated they are doing crap)

But then again lets not forget the 2 Tonys from Stoke & Baggies! 1 of them might be given the chop if results do not go there way. Plus Hull.

But im going to pt my head out and say Curbs looks the one out the whole pack to be gone first!

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Curbs. Wasted alot of money, players on very high wages and a board that have ideas above their station.

They are paying the sort of wages money teams chasing Champions League are paying out, but realistically dont have the team or squad to even push for Europe. Their board believe that with all the money they've paid out and are paying out they should be up there with Spurs, us and Everton to put pressure on Liverpool and Arsenal, and I'd probably have to agree... but instead find themselves battling with Newcastle, Boro and Fulham for mid-table obscurity.

West Ham are one of those teams it's very easy to forget when you're trying to list Premiership clubs.

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