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Slow and sloppy out the gates and probably deserved to be two goals down at HT.

Good response second half, but worst fears realized with the goalkeeper. 

Bailey had a really bad game, and Luiz looked like he was playing beach soccer. Nice assist though.

Ollie is Ollie. Always thrilled when he scores and he can score some beauties...but he just doesn't score enough.

Not impressed with either fullback today.

Also not impressed with the late subs which if made earlier could have prevented the 3rd goal and maybe seen us tie it.

I wasn't expecting much out of this, so in a way it doesn't feel like a gut punch like losing normally does.

We go again.

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Olsen .. 3 utter dog dirt as he has been every single time he's played a competitive game for us. Made some saves thanks to the ball going directly at him. His decision making is none existent. Useless




Young..5 very poor today for his standards 


Konsa 6 did ok got ripped by nunez 10 plus times 

Mings 7 voted him motm which isn't a high endorsement on todays lacklustre showing

Digne 6 did ok 

Luiz 4 hid from the ball, poor passing and generally a poor show from him

Kamara 6 did reasonably well kept battling

Emi b 4 can't think of many forward passes he did that came off, gave it away multiple times

Mcginn 5 I would say off the pace but it's his normal pace, a couple decent passes and lots of giving it away or not battling with his man

Bailey 5 missed 2 very decent chances by mishittibg it on both occasions, a couple good crosses but for me he looks better on the left.

Watkins 6 and thats for the one he scored but Jesus christ how many easy chances does he mess up ? We can't afford such a wasteful player as our sole forward.


Emery 6 should have made changes earlier nothing emi b did came off the entire game, should have taken him off after 60. Mgginn should have gone off for someone with pace.


Thank the lord emi is back for spurs because I Dont fancy a guaranteed 3 goals conceded which I think is olsens average goals conceded per game for us.





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Said at half time it was suicide to play such a high line against a top side. Liverpool took full advantage of that all game. Tactically Emery got it badly wrong!

On the plus side Villa played some nice football which put to shame the Gerrard era but apart from Kamara, Villa’s midfield simply aren’t good enough so I expect Emery to address that when the window opens.

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2 minutes ago, Sulberto21 said:

Be interesting to know what the xg is from the game. 


They might have to tweak the algorithm so that shots from Darwin Nunez only count for 50% of the xG anybody else would get.  :trollface:

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Both teams missed a tonne of chances, our goal was good, disappointed with all 3 of the goals we conceded

2nd goal was offside in the build up and the rule is ****

Konsa looked painfully slow, olsen is a pub player

Didn't think much of amazon, stream was shite and the commentary team was **** dreadful

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