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Midweek football 13-15th September


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6 minutes ago, VillaChris said:

Bruce surely getting sacked if they lose this?

I’d rather WBA win than SHA and I hate to be petty, but… I quite enjoy seeing Bruce exposed for the absolute dinosaur and fraud that he is. 

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5 minutes ago, El Zen said:

Watching Reading-Sunderland, as you do, and f*** me Tony Mowbray gets his teams playing some cracking football when it’s all clicking. 

Champagne football. Didn't realize Mowbray was there, what happened to Neil?

I can't get over them having a player called Gooch.

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11 minutes ago, a m ole said:

I find Haaland incredibly likable for an absolutely top player. Good balance of humble and arrogance, don’t see him engaging in any antics, hyper focused on the game. Willing to be proved wrong but I’ve not seen anything yet.

Watched his interview with Shearer a few weeks ago and it was a good watch.

Seems a down to earth bloke with laser focus on his job ( And getting better ) which is bad news for us.

Hard to dislike him.

Also saw a video on Tik Tok of him walking down the streets on his own as if he was a regular person , nutcase! Lol

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