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Greatest of all time?


Greatest ever player  

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  1. 1. Greatest ever player

    • Pele
    • Maradona
    • Other

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Pele and Maradona are the 2 main candidates people talk about when considering the greatest ever footballer. I thought about adding other options, Zidane, Cryuff, Puskas etc, but thought "other" would suffice.

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Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Puskas, Maradona. All could attribute their success to one thing- a good pair of football boots!!

For me, though, I'd go with DMW and say van Basten. It'll be a long time before we see one as good as that again.

Although there's a lad in Barcelona's youth team called Lionel Messi who I think might be pretty handy. He's not made the first team yet but my contacts tell me he's going to be something special.

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Its an interesting question really cause football has changed a hell of a lot since the olden days. A lot lighter footballs, better pitches, footballers are athletes these days and so on. It would be interesting to see how some of the good olden boys like eseubio (sorry about the spelling) would get on in the modern game. Personally i think pele is the greatest but there are so many ace's to choose from.

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Its an interesting question really cause football has changed a hell of a lot since the olden days

It's a good point, you can't really compare players from different era's.

I went for Maradona, as he single handedly (no pun intended) dragged a team to World Cup glory (Argies '86) and the Serie A title (Napoli, late 80's?)

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Robin Friday


Robin Friday was an exceptional footballer who should have played for England. He never did. Robin Friday was a brilliant player who could have played in the top flight. He never did.

Why? Because Robin Friday was a man who would not bow down to anyone, who refused to take life seriously and who lived every moment as if it were his last. For anyone lucky enough to have seen him play, Robin Friday was up there with the greats. Take it from one who knows: 'There is no doubt in my mind that if someone had taken a chance on him he would have set the top division alight,' says the legendary Stan Bowles. 'He could have gone right to the top, but he just went off the rails a bit.' Loved and admired by everyone who saw him, Friday also had a dark side: troubled, strong-minded, reckless, he would end up destroying himself. Tragically, after years of alcohol and drug abuse, he died at the age of 38 without ever having fulfilled his potential.

This book provides the first full appreciation of a man too long forgotten by the world of football, and will surely give him the cult status he deserves.

I know he wasn't the GOAT but when people ask that question I always throw his name out and tell people to go and research him and they always come back wanting to know more about him.

speak to any Reading fan about him and they will chew your side holes off for hours about him even though they never actually saw him play.

The villa were interested in signing him but the manager (cant remember who it was at the time) decided that he would never be able to put up with the amount of shite that he caused for Charley Hurley.

and he gave us this magnificent picture


and more reason than any that he gets the accolade from me is that he volleyed Mark Lawrenson in the face during a game

Friday was marked during the game by Mark Lawrenson, who so frustrated the Cardiff forward with his close attention that Friday waited for Lawrenson to attempt a slide tackle and then kicked him in the face.[11] After receiving a red card, Friday left the ground with the game still going on; according to legend, before leaving he broke into the Brighton dressing room and defecated in Lawrenson's kit bag
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It's like a talent show with 10 great acts. People will tend to recall the later acts as being better even if earlier ones were better if not equal .

My grandad used to rave about Puskas yet you'd be lucky to find a young fan who knew who he was .

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