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The Hipocrisy of FIFA


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I want to start by saying that on no level do I support, justify or condone the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  War is an awful thing, and there should be no place in this world for those who cause the suffering of other humans.

BUT the double standards displayed by FIFA are beyond disgusting.

When Celtic fans waved palestine flags, they fined the club.  When players show messages of solidarity with the Palestinians, they are fined.  FIFA stated that there is no room for politics in football.

The difference between Palestine and Ukraine?  Both are countries that have been invaded by a more powerful neighbour.  

Except one country has white skinned people, and the other.. doesn’t.


KICKITOUT??  What a joke.  


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2 hours ago, Zatman said:

I am pretty sure it was UEFA not FIFA that fined Celtic for waving Palestine flags


Oh yeah.  FIFA fined Scotland for having a Palestinian flag and booing the Israeli national anthem.

Scotland have never been fined for booing the English anthem.

If in the future the Scots boo the Russian anthem, or take a Ukrainian flag to a game when they play Russia - I guarantee you there will be no fine.


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