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Army of the Dead - extended universe


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Has anyone seen Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves? It's on Netflix and made by Zack Synder. What did you think?

A new follow-on film called Planet of the Dead will be coming out soon. 

How can it follow on?


The people who died in Army of the Dead might not be dead anyway, due to the time-loop theory that's mentioned in the film.

They already met dead versions of themselves outside the vault.

Possibly an Army of Thieves 2 to be made as well.

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Army of the Dead is less than the sum of its parts. Nothing has any dramatic weight, to the extent the biggest struggle in the film is with a mattress. And it rips off Aliens to a comedic degree - the narrative beats are identical.

Snyder's talent is in visuals, cinematography and high level conceptual ideas. His best work is adapting other people's work to meet a particular vision. He'd be better off stepping away from directing/writing and acting more as a consultant or producer with very limited scope of work.

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25 minutes ago, ender4 said:

Is Army of Thieves better than the new Batman film?

I think it might just be!

That doesn’t give me much confidence in The Batman then! 


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