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Match Thread: Everton v Villa


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3 minutes ago, TheMightyVillans said:

mings going back to his smith aimless long balls

This really riles me. When Mings doesn't play and we're under the cosh nobody does it and we concede more goals. We are under pressure with them pressing us and we aren't holding the ball in midfield. He's better off clearing it than putting someone who has an opposition player on his arse under pressure. Statistically we won't retain possession as much lumping it and I hate it too. But Mings gets blamed for a smarter ball than giving it to a struggling Digne or Coutinho under pressure or to Luiz and McGinn with Doucoure up their butt cheeks.

Also, as I'm typing, we should've scored from one of his 'aimless long balls'

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