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Steven Gerrard


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If we could learn to not dislike Terry then I'm sure we'll do the same with Gerrard. As long as he's up to the job. Would not have been on any shortlist of mine but we'll see.

Guess the name mean we'll get a easier time in the media and that we might get some more calls on the pitch. Certain he would not have come here unless he was promised funds so that's a silver lining.

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Just now, stewiek2 said:

He's bringing his backroom staff with him. Rangers have thanked him and his staff in their official statement.


Welcome Steven, Gary, Micheal etc.

Thank god for that 

I don't think VT would have survived if Michael Beale wasn't coming.

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I am happy with this, the man is a winner, he has the experience as a top level player and was a leader as a player, he will command respect. First things first Steven, get the players fit, get some discipline back in the squad and give us an identifiable pattern of play. 

Could be a great appointment, He's learnt from some great coaches in his time.


Also Morelos!..... have wanted him for years at the Villa

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8 minutes ago, avfcDJ said:

I hope so. I am not sure he is right but god I god I hope I’m wrong.

Same. But EVERY manager is a risk. It's arguably more important that he has the right coaches around him and he is the figurehead - in which case the risk is mitigated.

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Never a fan of him as a player but I'm more than happy to get him in and see what he can do, its a gamble for both us and him.

If Liverpool come in and poach him in 2 or 3 years time then it'll mean that he's been a success and we'll be in a better position than we are now.

If it goes tits up and we get relegated it is no worse than it was looking under Smith.

I'm quite excited by having him as manager.

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