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November Optimism Gauge


Optimism Gauge  

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  1. 1. Where do you think we will finish in 2021/2?

  2. 2. How do you feel about this season?

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Hard not to feel pessimistic now. We are almost in the drop zone and the wheels seem like they are popping off. Something is wrong behind the scenes and perhaps has been for some time. I really want Smith to stay and turn this around but it's looking like a big ask. The players look like they've quit on him.

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Feeling pessimistic.

Not sure where the feel good aura has gone  or what has happened. Is it a sequence of unfortunate events...covid impacted preseason, Terry wanting family time before starting his management career, club taking a different direction and RO'K becoming redundant....or something more serious going on behind the scenes that has upset a few players.

The latest rumours surrounding Mings and Sanson suggest the camp is not in a happy place. Although as they are precisely that, rumours, then maybe we're just waiting for our formation to click and players to get fit. 

Hopefully a win changes things, breathes confidence,  and we get back to last year's team spirit soon! We definitely need one.

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We will be fine (eventually) 

It is a mid table squad more or less. 

It is a point of debate whether we should have been so explicit in our aims to get European football this season. It is not going to happen this year, but I don't think we will get relegated either.

Might end up being a bit of a 'lost' season.

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I think my confidence has improved.  I reckon we will finish 10th or 11th.  December will be tough.  One plus point is that lots of other teams seem to be pretty inconsistent so we aren't actually that far away from some of the teams you'd expect to finish around those places.  But midfield needs sorting quickly if we are to do better than that. 

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