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11 minutes ago, matteyp said:

Officiating decided the day and Martinez not at his best.  I look forward to Villa games but to be repeatedly undone by VAR decisions that aren't "clear and obvious" ruins my enjoyment of the game and the team I love so much.

You need to take those Claret & Blue tinted glasses off. Dean Smith and the players decided the day

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Just now, Delphinho123 said:

Remember when everyone was saying sign a central midfielder? Because, well, we really really needed one. 

We played 70 mins today with Ashley Young and Marvelous Nakamba in midfield. That is absolutely laughable and a sure sign of a team that will be in a relegation battle. 

If you compare this summers window to the one where we signed Cash, Martinez, Watkins etc. it’s night and day. Poor from the club. 

Smith is a dead man walking I’m afraid which is a shame as I really like the bloke. 

Exactly.  A proper defensive midfielder.  Cover for Targett and Cash.  Three massive holes that we failed to fill.  I can't believe that that is down to the owners not having the funds.  I think that Smith saw them as lower priorities.  He was wrong.

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9 minutes ago, briny_ear said:

Lacked energy, intensity and organisation. For large swathes of the first half we looked like an away side hoping to hold on for a draw.

Didn’t think West Ham were actually that good but they didn’t need to be. 

@DCJonah and @nick76 are gonna have their work cut out this evening defending Smith in the aftermath of that shit show.

Some fans will defend him until the end just to save face and because they can't admit that they have been wrong for so long.

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3 minutes ago, pacbuddies said:

Smith doesn't know his best team, his best formation or his best tactics. He is totally lost without his golden boy Grealish who he has planned everything around for 3 seasons and he is clearly missing his 2 departed coaches. If the guy had any decency he would quit while there is still enough of the season left for a decent manager to get us up the table.

Who would you suggest?

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Calming down having watched another shitshow 

Mcginn, really not good enough to be playing each week. He gives the ball away a stupid amount of times per game, rarely plays a first time ball or simple ball, instead dither and tries a 1 in 10 pass losing us the ball.

Nakamba, slow and until the game was totally lost was shameful. Like he was 1 second behind play the first 75 minutes of the game. A nothing type player and not what we need

Bailey totally isolated with no support till he had 3 players round him.

Targett back to rabbit in the head lights

Emi b pretty anonymous and not having any kind of positive impact on the team bar maybe 1 good pass or move per 90 minutes

Watkins until he scored was shocking yet again.

Hause, in the air is all we had and he was doing his job as his passing is akin to stevie wonder playing football. But expecting him to accurately pass the ball on a regular basis is 1 step too far.

Martinez is losing confidence in his defence, the amount of long balls to an isolated watkins who literally at times had no team mate within 20 yards was not helping.

Konsa has started trying to do a mings, trying things he isn't capable of doing and then losing the ball


We are playing and acting like we did when we got promoted. Disjointed, no team cohesion and weak.

You would think smith would look at every time we got beaten from a neutral point of view and actually see why we get beaten so easily so often.

Weak players and its the manager who keeps picking these players.

Today several times players not bothering to run for a ball, nakamba with the speed of a sloth yet the turning circle of a blue whale.

Cash is the only one for me to come out of this with any dignity and maybe watkins from when he scored onwards.

The ref while picking and choosing what to ignore is no excuse for the pathetic shower we are watching on a regular basis. Falling over expecting a free kick all the time rather than showing any kind of strength repeatedly misplacing the ball and handing it back to the opposition eventually passes the crowd off who quite rightly will show they are pissed off. Then people try and use the excuses that the crowd aren't helping ?

Maybe if they helped themselves by not being gash then the crowd wouldn't become negative.


Losing my patience with smiths deliberate ploy of not having anyone play for us who can enforce the middle of the park.


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5 minutes ago, allani said:


Konsa - I agree that should have stayed yellow (if indeed he has committed a foul at all)

Hause was a red card

Fornals was a yellow

Bowen was a yellow

Sorry.  I think that apart from sending off the wrong player - he got the bog decisions right.  Unlike our manager and unlike our players.  We lost because West Ham were the better team.  End of story.

I don’t think it’s as simple as that. Yes they were the better team but we were still in the game until the red. Hause was definitely a red though.  I think they didn’t give it because didn’t want to send both of them off. 

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1 minute ago, Peter Griffin said:

You need to take those Claret & Blue tinted glasses off. Dean Smith and the players decided the day

I don't often agree with you but I'm finding it hard to disagree with this.

Summat has changed, the way Buendia stormed off looking like Smith had taken his console off him. The general look of everyone makes it look like an unhappy ship

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For a team that is completely lost against a CL team that’s playing lights out, I really didn’t think it was that bad. Obviously not ideal but given the circumstances I don’t really see the whole sky is falling perspective. This team can be dangerous when they’re confident. Without it, I don’t know who they are.

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2 minutes ago, Herman22 said:

Again that’s your opinion but I could show you 30 examples of what Bowen did getting a red card. 

The ref/ VAR seemed happy to hurt us. 

It is.  But we would have been fuming if a West Ham defender elbowed Watkins in the throat and stayed on the pitch.  Or if McGinn had been sent off for a push during a scuffle.  The ref / VAR was not the deciding factor today.  Let's save our fury at decisions for things like West Ham last year when Ollie's was incorrectly ruled out for offside and / or a penalty not awarded because he was being fouled at the time.  Those decisions cost us points.  The decisions today (right or wrong) had no impact.  We didn't deserve to get anything out of the match today.

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