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The Big Four


Which of the big four do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which of the big four do you prefer?

    • Chicken
    • Pork
    • Beef
    • Lamb

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I have gone for lamb as it is the least manipulated meat and very tasty whether fresh (UK) or frozen (NZ). The only problem with lamb is that very few people cook it pink, and it is too often served very overdone.

Beef is great, but good beef is so hard to find nowadays. Australian or US seem to offer the best taste, but they are so expensive.

On the more obscure side the other week I diced up a mutton leg and cooked half as a stew and half as a curry and both were fantastic.

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Lamb. Though that's largely because it's so expensive at the moment I view Roast Lamb as a rare treat.

Thetrees is spot on about people not being able to cook it right though. If the lamb is not pink inside then it's overcooked! Same goes with beef. Though I do like my beef rarer than most. In fact I like my steaks on my plate to still say moo.

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