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Match Thread: Chelsea v Villa


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Just now, Aston_Villan4 said:

Shocking would be a good word for it. Even McGinn had to laugh at that ridiculous call.

My commentator said he thought about giving Chelsea a free kick but settled for the goal kick 

Yep that sounds about right 

Its so **** poor and its nothing unusual either 

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5 minutes ago, hippo said:

We've been light years ahead - apart from taking our chances and giving away soft goals......

What I'm saying is we've looked better than the side that everyone has to win the title. 


I'm not discouraged by what I've seen, but we have to be more clinical in future.


Got to beat Everton next week now who are more on our level.

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Just now, Big Salad said:

Exactly pal.

Once we are in full strength I really feel we will be a force to be reckoned with against any team.

Everton will be the first time we'll have a full strength squad available to us, too.  Our season starts next Saturday.  

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1 minute ago, KMitch said:

On top of that we did this without our world class goalkeeper and record signing midfielder.  

I'm absolutely certain Martinez would have been out quicker for the Mings back pass and the first goal could possibly have been saved too, went through his legs, anothed keeper might have been set differently. 

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