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I saw the scoreline  & watched the match. The 2 things do not align.

A very good team performance. If you watched the game minus 2 (strikeout) make that 3 clips, we win at a canter.

Low point. The ref was very poor (dare is say biased or is he just incompetent and weak). The Sky commentary sickeningly sycophantic.

Plus points. 

  • Good first half by Ramsey. Some strong runs from midfield.
  • McGinn's 90 minute performance.
  • Some glimpses of Bailey to promise good things ahead.
  • Another day and those chances/deflections go in (please let it be at Old Trafford)
  • Shout out for the travelling fans. they out-sang the boys in Blue from start to finish.

I think we saw enough today to have some hope. Keep the faith.



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If the score was reversed I don't think Chelsea could have argued much. Really liked how the new formation let us press higher up in more numbers and give more passing options. It also let the wide CBs push into the gaps in midfield where we normally get punished.

Ref triggering Villa players for yellows whilst letting Chelsea do what they want. Good old double yellow at the end just for good measure.

Lukaku is lethal. It's what £100m gets you. Watkins had similar opportunities but his touch was off and made the chances harder.

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Luiz terrible, a waste of a player, back to his 'normal' performance,  I can only imagine the after 1st covid was a freak.

Mcginn yet again back to his wasteful ways of repeatedly handing the ball to the opposition instead of passing it to a team mate, cost us the 3rd goal and was wasteful throughout the game

Mings did some decent stuff but did a mings and cost us the game, at 1 nil we were always in it, literally threading a through ball through to an on running opponent? Wtf ?

Watkins, misfiring big time 2 or 3 chances as in golden chances.

Stear, has never let us down but today he was stuck to his line and made it easy for them.


First hf we pressed and had loads of chances, should have got at the very least 1 or 2 goals.


Then the above happened.


New after mings handed them the game it was going to get worse. For a top level player that sort of nonsense which is now a mings trade mark, should not be happening under 99% of circumstances, not 1 or 2 times every single game.


Bailey looked poor, the rest of the defence looked decent.

Ings didn't look sharp and traore from an attacking point of view looked dangerous, however was his lazy no pressing non chasing no urgency self so unless he was going to score a worldy he was never going to help.


Disappointed to say the very least, we gifted them a win and individual errors and poor substandard performances let everyone down.



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Finishing was the tale of the day. They took their chances, we didn't. 

Ref was a disgrace. 

I thought Tuanzebe had a good game also. 

McGinn man of the match but I really don't want to see him on corners too much. 

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Result not surprising and to be fair, nor was the ultimate reason why. Mings' mistake killed the game and he was also at fault for their third.

It does keep happening and the negative outcomes are often telling, so there will come a time when he will have to pay for those mistakes with his place in the team.

Particularly in the first half, we showed some decent attacking intent and worked a few chances, but our finishing throughout was dire.

McGinn back to giving the ball away. Steer does not inspire confidence and is not good enough in my opinion. Overall, some positives from the first half, but plenty to worry about too. 


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7 minutes ago, Tayls said:

Please nobody say “play like that every game we’ll win more than we lose” …we lost 3-0. We’re awful. 

Man City, Liverpool, utd won't have a 1st half like that at the Bridge this season

Our pressing was and off the ball stuff was incredible 

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Very good performance apart from the Mings mistake.  Martinez does not concede 3 in this game.  What I really hit me was how good our squad is now.  Sanson couldn't get on, Buendia to come back.

I've seen a few comments that we are in trouble this season, you people clearly no nothing about football.  Our transition was quality, we pressed them and won the ball high up the pitch many times and kept the champions of Europe pinned back for much of the game.  We could of easily scored 3 or 4 goals in this game and 18 shots away from home!



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Considering the state of our team it was a really good game. 3-0 definitely flatters them. Shocking refereeing. A few free kicks and a corner we didn't get plus a couple of yellow cards may have changed the dynamic of how Chelsea played so you can't say it didn't have an impact on the game. Also, Silva shouldn't have been playing and yet he was miraculously allowed to and had a major impact on their defense. Other than that, some not so great finishing plus a few defensive errors shows the difference between a Euro league team and a mid-table team.

I'll also be the one who defends Mings and says it wasn't that bad of a mistake from him. Poor pass from Tuanzebe, Poor pass from Mings and a lazy Steer contributed to that goal. and Mings shouldn't be blamed for the third at all. Hell, Tuanzebe and Konsa just stood in the middle of the box as Lukaku was lining that up.

Overall, pretty pleased with what I saw from a team that barely has had a chance to gel and playing without Martinez, Buendia, a fully fit Bailey and Traore. 


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The difference today? Two world class goals by Lukaku, two not-world-class mistakes by Mings, and several world-class saves by Mendy.

On the positive side, we're clearly good enough to finish top 10.

On the negative side, we're still a long way from challenging from the Champions League.

Comments on some players:

Cash: One of his best Villa matches. Outstanding first half. Probably my MOM despite Ramsey's excellence.

Mings: Are his ribs still bothering him? Terrible giveaway for the second goal, made look silly for the third. Out of sorts. Disappointing.

Tuanzebe: On the first goal, I can't get mad that he lost Lukaku at the end because Lukaku did something world-class. But he should have been in position to deny Lukaku from getting the ball in midfield the first place. On the third goal, he got caught ball watching and lost Lukaku completely. Disappointing.

McGinn: Hard working as usual.

Ramsey: Excellent again.

Watkins: Excellent as usual. Full of energy until the end. Might have done better with a couple opportunities, but not even Lewandowski gets them all.

Bailey: I like this guy. Tracks back and presses too.

Ings: Got the ball in dangerous positions, but the Chelsea defenders were on him every time. Can't really fault his performance, just the victim of excellent defending. He will prey on weaker defenses.

Deano: Got the tactics right. The first half was outstanding. Might have made tactical changes earlier in the second half, but the bottom line was that the second goal took the wind out of our sails and I doubt that it would have made a difference.

Chelsea: Mendy was world class, Kovacic was world class, Lukaku was world class, the defense (especially Thiago Silva) was world class. Proud that we went toe-to-toe with them in the first half, but they're clearly a cut above us. A threat to win the Champions League again, and the Premier League too.




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Luiz, Cash, JJ, McGinn all played brilliantly for me, 8/10. 

Ings did nothing wrong but couldn’t get into it, Bailey showed some skills but the game was gone by the time he came on, same for Bertie. 

Konsa played well, Axel not as well, Mings with one to forget ASAP. Too casual in possession, again. 

I’ll be glad to see Martinez back next Saturday, and hopefully someone will find Watkins’ shooting boots before then (the rest of his game was good, think he needs a goal to settle him down). 

Deano set us up well and can’t hold him responsible for careless individual errors.  

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Mings will never iron these errors out of his game which is a shame as he can be colossal at times.

Ramsey, Douglas, McGinn were all excellent. Great to have Watkins back setting the tone and causing problems.

Undeserved 3-0 loss, but this happens in football a lot. You have to take your chances, we didnt, plus Mendy wasnt letting anything in today. Smith matched them up, showing he can be tactically astute, and we were the better side for long periods. Created more chances, had more efforts, really encouraging performance. 31 touches in their box compared to their 18; 18 attempts at goal to their 12- the stats back up how well we played.

Get the Emigo’s back in there, and I think we’re good to go. Out of nowhere we seem to have gotten everybody back fit, which has cured my anxiety. Night and day how im feeling now compared to before the international break. Strange to say after a 3-0 defeat but we have a very strong squad now.

Go and beat Everton with a big performance now and we can look forward with optimism.

McGinn MOTM, Ramsey & Doug close behind.


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