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Aaron Danks (coach)


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1 hour ago, Made In Aston said:

Do they have a world class academy and coaches or are we just being lazy?! 

Yes they are, one of the best apparently. My mates son has been in the youth set up for a while now, he's 8 or 9 I think. 

I've already told him to get his Villa kit ready

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21 minutes ago, KevinRichardsonsMoustache said:

There's one ingredient missing here, preventing me from getting really excited: a YT video of this guy gesticulating and spinning on the touchline accompanied by some gratuitous copyright free music.


i expect you can add your own awful music?

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4 hours ago, KevinRichardsonsMoustache said:

Working out an anagram of his name to make him sound more exciting: so far, I've got:


Kansan Road

Ankara Dons 

Ankara Dons, isn't that the premier Turkish AFC Wimbledon supporters club?

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2 hours ago, MaVilla said:

Not sure when this was recorded....


The Specialist Coach: A Conversation with Aaron Danks


In this Masterclass Discussion, PDP Editor Dave Wright is joined by Head of Specialist Coaching & Lead In Possession Coach at The FA, Aaron Danks. PDP Technical Advisor, Dan Wright also joins the discussion for a fascinating conversation on youth development.

Show Notes

0:00-2:30:  Aaron’s background and coaching experience.

2:30-3:35:  Advice for coaching teenagers.

3:35-6:00:  Key ingredients to creating a positive learning environment.

6:00-8:50:  Differences between development and performance environments.

8:50-12:05:  How Aaron’s coaching has evolved over time.

12:05-27:10:  Pro Licence experience and an individual project.

14:50-27:10:  Specialist coaching role and examples of cross-sport learning.

27:45-31:55:  Research around trends in the game and how these can be implemented.

31:55-39:00:  England’s youth team success & challenges.

39:00-47:45:  Aaron’s presentation at u20 World Cup.

48:00-50:50:  Key characteristics of an effective coach.

Key Takeaways

7:00-8:45:  Aaron talks about the key pillar of the Golden State Warriors.  You might be surprised with the answer.

15:58-18:35:  Some great examples of specialist coaching from all over the world in different high performance environments.

42:55-45:00:  Aaron talks about an excellent model for assessing goal scoring opportunities.

I've just taken 45 minutes to watch this video and I'm really impressed. I think it was recorded a couple of years ago so his knowledge base should have increased exponentially.

Many of the concerns expressed by myself and others about the current relevance and sophistication of our training and coaching have been addressed by this guy in a very forward looking manner.

I'm looking forward to him making a really positive contribution to the "Monday to Friday" part of the job .... quoted from his interview.

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