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Match Thread: Watford v Villa


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2 minutes ago, jim said:

Same problems we saw last season and the season before. 

This - it's not just one game - its a familiar pattern and story. DS has never been able to win without grealish. He has no tactical nouse other than 4-3-3 and hope for the best.

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Just now, AVTuco said:

Martinez been sub-par too.

I can't blame him for much of this. First goal the defence shit the bed. Second goal was deflected. This last one was a wonder strike in off the post.

I don't see what more he could have done? There are negatives to focus on Cash, Targett, Nakamba, AEG, McGinn and many more, but I don't think Martinez has been "sub-par" I think he's let in goals that any goalkeeper would let in without a decent defence in front of him.

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Just now, BleedClaretAndBlue said:

Cash looking every bit a championship player today

Tbh he looked like that a lot last season, I’d rather have Guilbert in as he did nothing wrong when he was playing

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55 minutes ago, Aston_Villan4 said:

Was just about to say @Taylswill be in here soon saying this is what he meant by “our loss of identity” now that Grealish and Terry have gone.

You’re right. I would have been, if I wasn’t busy.   

Not going well at the moment, is it?

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