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U23 Development League 2021/2022


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Next round of fixtures.

18:00 Aston Villa(5)  v West Brom(3)

14:00 Southampton(14) v Burnley(13)

13:00 Sunderland(11)  v Middlesbrough(8)
19:00 Newcastle(4)    v Stoke City(9)
19:00 Notts Forest(10)v sha(12)
19:00 Reading(6)      v Norwich City(2)
19:00 Wolves(7)       v Fulham(1)


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Not comparing Ronaldo to Ramsey, but.....Ramsey needs to learn the same lesson Ronaldo learnt when he first went to Manure, that all the trickery in the world is worthless if it doesnt have an end product, as in he needs to know when to release the ball rather than keep running.

Not knocking him, very talented lad, very skilful and capable of the sublime, i have no doubt he will develop his decision making, just making a point.

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