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Juan Pablo Angel


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11 hours ago, hogso said:

He scored 3 in 37 appearances in the 05/06 season btw. Ouch. 


He was a handsome bastard and I loved watching him in a villa shirt. 

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The way Angel came back from such a horrid start with us showed great character which nowadays I dare say wouldn't happen.  Laursen is probably the best player I've seen play for us (I'm just a bit too young for McGrath before anyone says!).  So great to see them back.

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3 minutes ago, Demitri_C said:

You trying to tell me they are not legends? 

Oh, absolutely.

Laursen was brilliant, the best defender we've had since McGrath in my book, he had everything to be one of the absolute best if it wasn't for injuries.

Angel? **** me, he's as far away from being a legend of anything as I can imagine. Cool guy, I like him as a person, but he had one or two good seasons in what, 7, 8 years with us? He was **** dreadful.

I think he had something like 15 goals in his final 100 appearances with us. When I think Juan Pablo Angel, I think "missing two penalties in a single game".


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I would say they are both heroes more than legends. Laursen would have been a legend but for his knees. Same with Dublin, Hitzlsperger, Petrov etc. Recent legends for me would be Mellberg, Barry and soon to be Grealish 😉

They are all slightly above cult hero Alan Hutton

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