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E3 2021

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I’m amazed at Capcom. Literally nothing. I may as well have 30 minutes at e3 next year. I’d take a Genji Days of the Giant Enemy Crab level of E3 badness over this crap. Truly the worst e3 I’ve ever experienced. 

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On 08/06/2021 at 09:52, Ingram85 said:

New Switch Hardware. Better screen. Better Battery. Faster inner gubbins and 4K support. 

Twilight Princess/Wind Waker HD double pack for switch. 

Metroid Prime 4 footage and a MPTrilogy for switch

A new F-Zero and GX Remaster for switch

More info and gameplay footage for the new Fable.

An updated look at Halo Infinite 

Forza Horizon 5 (fingers crossed for Japan location).

Lastly, my dream announcement (and I suspect it’s only me that wants this) is a Star Fox Adventures HD Remaster on switch.

“Lol. **** you Rich. Love Nintendo”.

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I think, for me personally, I was expecting more Zelda stuff to celebrate the anniversary. Skyward Sword HD and a crappy Game & Watch doesn’t quite cut it for me after the Mario stuff last year. 

Not even the Twilight Princess/Wind Waker HD Double Pack is just confusing to me. That’s a home run surely? 

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An actual MegaTen V trailer, finally. Looked good, I wonder if this is the game that will be the equivalent of Persona 5 in terms of accessibility for new comers to the main series? 

Given the success of Nier in recent years, the aesthetic should work for people, and the monster/demon collecting shtick may attract an audience too. 

The issue may be assumptions about its difficulty, but, if it's anything like the other entries in the series, the difficulty would be indicative of the depth of the turn based system, rather than unfair balancing or learning curves. 

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Oh man, Metroid 5 finally being real. I was hoping for a true 2D Metroid sequel forever, that's amazing.

Also Kazuya in Smash, what??? That game is ridiculous.

Also flying under the radar, for anyone who's into shoot-em-ups/bullet hells, Cave classics, Mushihime-sama, Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi Resurrection all coming to Swithc. Mushihime is already on the eShop. An amazing game, for anyone looking to get into the genre.

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