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Hello everyone!

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Hello, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I was born the year Villa won the European Cup but growing up with a Spurs mad father, I was 6 before I chose Villa as my team. I'm not from the Birmingham area and where I grew up, there was no local club to support. When I won a penalty shootout competition at my indoor football club I was allowed to choose a signed team photo of a club and I chose the Villa team (I think it was the awesome team colours). Ten years later I found out that the year I was born, we won the biggest prize in club football. It felt like fate. I haven't had the chance to go to many games since I don't live near any stadiums Villa would play at and so my first time to Villa Park was a preseason friendly vs Inter Milan during the Martin O'Neil era. We won comfortably against one of Europe's top sides, who fielded a strong side as well. I follow Villa avidly from home and am always hopeful about our chances. Things are looking very bright for next season, despite the world and his dog kindly trying to sell our best players for us as if they are doing us a favour, and I thought it was about time to sign up to a forum again after the last one I used shut down a few years ago. I'm generally quite optimistic about things regarding Villa sand like to speculate, but I think I'm very good at keeping a level head about things too. Look forward to reading and sharing opinions with you all.

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