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Euro 2020 : Group A (Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales)


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2 minutes ago, VillaChris said:

Amazing, Wales second best by miles and Swiss make the first change.

Smart move aswell, Shaqiri not needed now they're 1 up and if Zakaria's as good as you all say his mobility will help them see out the 1-0.

Nothing from Page. Poor.

Wales are a poorly coached side 

They just sit back 

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5 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

I was just going to write something similar. Why just let time tick away? What's so special about the sixty minute mark, that coaches wait until it passes (or in Smith's case, even later?) If they were on top or even competitive in the game, it might make more sense to see if the players on the pitch can turn it round. As it is, they were getting battered anyway.

Solskjaer seems to be from the same mindset aswell given he's been in U.K for 20 odd years. Just seems the 11 warriors who go out onto the battlefield must remain there until they drop dead type mentality.

France in last world cup were regularly subbing Greizmann around 70th minute mark regardless of score to keep him fresh. Ramsey is about 20% fit so he should be subbed and Brooks and Wilson put on just to see if that sparks them into life.

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