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Emiliano Buendía


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This guy was my number 1 target anyway in terms of actual ability, but potentially beating Arsenal to his signature is an absolutely huge statement. 

So chuffed with this if true. 

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23 minutes ago, Villaphan04 said:




omg....if this is true!

Grealish and Buendia together.......

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18 minutes ago, Mantis said:

"I want Emi to do well. I want him to get to a big, top six club like he deserves to play it. To play at a top level amongst elite players.


And he's off to fight relegation with Villa. ****ing depressing."


From their forum. :lol:

The funny thing reading the pinkun is that they actually think we are on the same level.

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1 hour ago, VillaChris said:

Bit concerned he only scored one goal last time out in premier league.

I mean Todd Cantwell scored 7 and Pukki was on about 10 by January so can't use the bottom team excuse as they clearly had no issue creating chances.

30-40m fee and people will be expecting 10 + goals given Traore cost 17m and scored 7 league goals and AEG got to 10 and he only cost 8m.

Bit concerned he seems to be our number one attacking target tbh, no issue if he's coming in as sort of Barkley replacement infield but we need a rapid right sided player so I have reservations about him if he's playing there.

Correction Buendia had no issue creating chances. His xG was 2.2.

Buendia was either the one putting the final ball in or making the pass so Aarons could put the ball in. 

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4 minutes ago, The_Steve said:

He's already signed a deal so there's nothing they can do


Has anything been signed yet? 

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