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Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Chelsea


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  1. 1. Who was your Man of the Match?

    • Martínez
    • Konsa
    • Hause
    • Mings
    • Targett
    • McGinn
    • Nakamba
    • Traoré
    • Grealish
    • El Ghazi
    • Watkins
    • Chukwuemeka (Traoré 73)
    • Ramsey (El Ghazi 79)
  2. 2. Manager's Performance

  3. 3. Refereeing Performance

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After The WhatsApp tiff from a mate after the Spurs game , the Chelsea boys turn today and apparently Jack is a cheating ducking word removed … it’s quite simples , don’t throw an arm and hit him in the face and he doesn’t have to over act… no mention from them of Jorginho going down like he took a bullet to the head in the first half … oh well , if I had to rely on Spurs to get 4th guess I’d be bitter as well


as to the game , we hung in there where as on another day we’d have folded so credit there to everyone , looking forward to the summer window , quality over quantity in this one and top 8 is achievable next season 

Nakamaba MOTM i think , he’s a bit limited as a player but he tracked his man , blocked and made tackles really well today

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I've just been taking the piss out of my mate for losing his 500 pound bet. He had bet that Chelsea finished above Liverpool at end of the season.

Let's say I been getting some proper abuse 😂.

Fantastic game from everyone involved today, they got the job done.

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  • VT Supporter

Excellent season comes to a close with an excellent result. We've dominated London this season (except West Ham we should have won on their patch though). 

We've dominated a few games this season that we didn't win so that's something to look forward for next season. 

Looks like we're going to have break the ESL top 6 thanks Leicester.

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  • VT Supporter

Good performance against a team that's better than us and had something to play for.

Martinez - man mountain.

Konsa - hard afternoon, lost his man for their goal, but not bad.

Hause - he's turned into a really solid Prem defender. A lovely interception in the first half which he then turned into a lovely long pass for Watkins to break stunned good day up.

Mings - absolute rock.

Targett - hard day at the office given the way Chelsea played but another solid performance and underlined why he's the players player of the season.

Nakamba - fantastic game. Man was everywhere, running down everything, being a huge nuisance, probably the best game he's had for us.

McGinn - as ever, the engine room. Really would have scored a chance he made himself from nothing by just hassling his opponent.

Grealish - quieter game purely from us being in the backfoot, but still involved in both goals

Traore - the enigma. Defensively lax, the customary moments of being world class immediately followed by looking like he's never seen a football. And then he scores an exquisite goal, and gets a pen.

AEG - some solid running and the man can take a penalty absolutely emphatically.

Watkins - the usual from Ollie, none stop running and hassling.

Chukwuemeka - couldn't really get into the game but glimpses of him being up to this standard.

Ramsay - little to do.

Good end to the season.

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3 minutes ago, GingerCollins29 said:

Also, mason mount is a whiny little bitch

You don't get a contract at a scum 6 club without being a bit of a word removed.

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6 minutes ago, Delphinho123 said:

See, this is where you’re absolutely, incredibly, unbelievably wrong. It was a fantastic performance. 

Why? Because that Chelsea squad is probably worth half a billion and they’ve got probably 8/9 players that would walk into our team. 

So, what I think you’re trying to say is, it was an incredible performance from a team that aren’t as good as the world class team they were playing. 

You’re welcome. 


Was just reflecting on the game and how i saw it buddy. Chin up.

Been a great season and we should all be happy.

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