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Match Thread: Spurs v Villa


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1 minute ago, AndyM3000 said:

Can't say I'm surprised. We took our best CM out and shafted our best CB to RB. Insane. 

Agree, there is no point not playing Elmo OR a specialist right back from the kids Kessler for example.

We were going to lose this game anyway, but still......

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1 minute ago, allani said:

How is that not a penalty??????!!!!!  FFS

Just unbelievable.   Clear cut penalty 

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1 minute ago, OutByEaster? said:

That's really weak by both Nakamba and McGinn.

Really, really poor goal to give away.


i would say im shocked......

but im not.

Seems an almost regular thing now that we have at least one "Aston Villa amateur hour" event per game.

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