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Match Thread: Villa v Spurs


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Just now, Demitri_C said:

But smith is not allowed to be criticised he is doing a good job 

He is allowed to be criticised.

I've repeatedly said his obsession with playing wingers, when our wingers are poor is a problem.

I cant blame him for having to choose any one on the bench to improve the starting 11

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1 minute ago, Robtaylor200 said:

I may get tared and feathered but I think Davis has done well since he came on. Maybe we can play two up front like we used to. it cant be any worse can it ?

You should be F'in stoned for that comment you clearing in the woods.😅😂🤣😭 

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11 minutes ago, Davkaus said:

Honestly, we're at the point where subbing on Davis is essentially "well played lads, enjoy your 3 points". He's **** worthless.

As compared to Tre, Traore, Sanson who are world beaters. Davis is just as good

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1 minute ago, DCJonah said:

No I should have made myself clear. Moaning about this is fair enough but it's just the moaning about everything in general. We've got people talking about relegation next year. 

Well our current form is relegation form. Without grealish this has shown we would be in a relegation battle

One **** goal in last 4 is pathetic 

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1 minute ago, chrisvilla4 said:

Barkley is just so tepid

No but seriously. He is running but not moving or challenging, hardly changing his direction at all.

If he isnt fit he shouldn't be featuring. The time it took him to get that shot off was non league level.

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3 minutes ago, Davkaus said:

Say what you like about Davis, but he's done more in 5 minutes than Watkins did all match.

So what’s your point?

Cant be that Davis is better Watkins surely?


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7 minutes ago, richp999 said:

I don't think so. If you take the time to check I have never said this, probably ever. 

What I am saying is that we repeatedly see comments each week about how we've 'only played bad today', 'it's only one game'.. 

It's been 5-6 weeks of getting worse and worse, and on that period of games we would be relegated. 

If you want to ignore that and think we're doing great, that's up to you. 


I've literally never seen a comment on VT. "we've only played bad today, "it's only one game."   i could have missed some, but "every week?"  

we are a mid-table club right now and this is how mid-table clubs perform.  We were punching above our weight early.  Now we're mid-table.  where our quality belongs.  which is a significant improvement over last season.  We are on a steady improvement.  Season over season.  Frankly, I"m happy with that.

oh and Harry Kane has always been a cheating prick.  

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Just now, RobSpain said:

Give your head a wobble and go back and watch some of the games under Bruce. There’s no comparison to be made

There’s two types of awful: defensive, fearful, grinding, dreary awful, and; Groundhog Day, disjointed awful. Both awful

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1 minute ago, HanoiVillan said:

I agree with your characterisation of what happened, except perhaps the bolded parts. Kane doesn't slip, he deliberately steps over the ball. As for whether it's cheating, I don't know. I think 'cute' was a fair adjective for Neville to use to be honest. Something in between complete honesty and outright cheating; perhaps 'gamesmanship'.

He's had to leave the ball, stop, turn around and reach a fair distance to make contact with Cash.

He's a cheat.


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