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Summer transfer window 2021


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2 hours ago, Pissflaps said:

a release clause which we naively didn't believe would be met.

Or maybe Purslow et al wanted to sell Grealish for 100m and put the release clause in the contract so that they could justify accepting the offer in front of the fans. The bids that went in for ESR and JWP were very low ball. Could it be that Purslow wanted to bid for them and then let other clubs see that we only upped our bid by a small amount, which again we knew would be refused and then we walked away and stopped bidding. This would show others that when AVFC reaches the price we believe a player is worth that we will not go any further and walk. This would put us in a good position for future negotiations, particularly as other clubs know we just sold Jack for 100m. Perhaps it is not the club and the management that are the naive ones.

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2 hours ago, jim said:

Doubt it. How much would it cost to replace 11 goals in 31? 

4 were penalties last season, they wont cost us anything to replace as we have Ings and others that can take pens. I would think we could replace and upgrade him for 25m/30m and I would be confident that the replacement would score the goals that we lose from selling El Ghazi

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1 hour ago, KMitch said:

Every club but PSG/Man City/Madrid are selling clubs now

PSG look to be struggling to hold on to Mbappe. I think all clubs are selling clubs for one reason or another

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22 minutes ago, RicRic said:

Well everyone wanted Buendia as RW right midfield etc after the watford game and he was moved there for the game against Newcastle and lets be honest he was non existent and didnt do anything more there and didnt take on any of the defenders, he would be wasted there IF he does not bring that pace and speed in that area whereas Bailey would be causing destruction. Time is the essence so he will need to impress sooner or later because we need all areas to be utilised greatly, bidace has to be given a start soon as LW, he needs to be more clinical in the final third however and make better decisions but he causes tremendous problems for the opposition and will certainly be more of a dynamic nuisance than El-Ghazi

I think (hope) that there are three factors:

1. He's getting over an injury

2. He's not yet fully fit

3. He's not helped by the fact that he hasn't got legs around him - I think Watkins' running would make Buendia look better (as at the start of pre-season - accepting it was only Walsall) and Bailey's pace (or possibly JPB) on the left hand side will also stretch the defence/create more space for Buendia to operate in.  Equally, I think if we could get the balance right in our midfield then this would make Buendia's job easier/him look better.

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Personally do not think we are a selling club.

Grealish left due to a release clause.

We’ve been trying to shift dross for months and the best we could do is a loan deal for Wesley and release a few players.

I don’t think we can sell anyone!

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10 minutes ago, Jas10 said:

What the…?! Who is this kid?


Very impressive but big difference to come on and work your a off for 20-25 minutes compared to doing the same over 90 minutes.

Stats get a bit skewed since only 3 or 4 of those games are starts and he's been brought on late in games against tired players.

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On 24/08/2021 at 14:30, omariqy said:

Way I see it is we have one of the best back 5’s and forward players outside the top 4/5 teams. Our issue is still quality in depth and the midfield. McGinn on his day can be up there and likewise Luiz - issue is consistency. We are probably a top midfielder away from being on that level. 

If I was to categorise them

Top 6 to 8 players




Need improving on

El Ghazi



I wouldn't disagree with much of this, except I think Hause is good enough as a second choice left sided CB for a team competing for the 5th-10th spot.  I think Steer may be good enough for a second choice keeper but we haven't seen much of him recently so hard to know and I would say the same of Guilbert.


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5 minutes ago, CarryOnVilla said:

That’s the answer I was looking for, but also creates doubt if I want him. Do we really want this kind of disruption to our squad? 

Ship has already sailed, did you see what Tuanzebe ordered at that Man U team dinner?

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