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February Optimism Gauge


Optimism Gauge  

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  1. 1. Where do you think we will finish in 2020/1?

  2. 2. How do you feel about this season?

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I'm daring to dream just now... I've unfurled into the 7th to 10th zone. This team is currently incurring romantic nourishment within me. 

We have not seen team spirit and enthusiasm since the Brian Little 'Squaddies' of 1995/96. And we're playing football as attractive as nothing we've seen since the Ron Atkinson era. 

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If you aren't optimistic now you never will be:-

Our first 11 comparable to most outside the top 4.

The off field set up - at last we have people running the club, who seem to make good decisions - as well as having money to invest - most of it is invested wisely.


The structure being built at youth level looks impressive


All good....

.....although Barkley did kick the water bottle today.

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The BBC match report today pointed out to me that we now have as many points after 21 matches as we had from the whole of last season!

To have equalled last season's points total with 17 matches still to play... wow.  : >

It was a concern that we'd lost 4 out of 6 league games going into today's match but suddenly it's 3 wins from the last 5, which puts things is a much more positive light !

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I  have moved and have now  called it 7-10 instead of mid table. That is the kiss of death.

Seriously though we are in a really good position. I never really like us losing in the early rounds of the cup however it does give us clarity for the run in.

17 games to play, that's it. Most teams above us have other competitions to play in. I think that could be a big advantage in staying fresh and staying focused.

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We had the frustration and disappointment of the two Burnley games, even worse with the horrible matches at VP v Leeds and Saints, and losing 4 out of 5 league games in the autumn was hard, but apart from that, what a fantastic season we've had! A fantastic season with various beautiful happy things that hadn't happened for decades:

  1. winning our first four league matches 
  2. thrashing Liverpool in a league match
  3. thrashing Arsenal in a league match
  4. doing the league double over Arsenal


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