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The 2008 FA Cup Final poll and thread - who will win?


Who do you think will win the 2008 FA Cup final  

62 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think will win the 2008 FA Cup final

    • Portsmouth
    • Cardiff

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i hope cardiff win it on penalties, but the big team always wins on penalties

dunno, i reckon Pompey will probably sneak it

Encklemans in goal for Cardiff so i can see him making a mistake and Kanu or someone scoring the winner

thinking about it, i might go down the bookies now

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portsmouths cynical fouls everytime a cardiff player went past them was disgusting...

i cannot stand that twitching cockerney barra boy who manages them either... disgusts me watching his horrd 'droopy' looking face awash with joy after being the luckiest side to ever win a trophy...

mind you, cardiff are crap, and played the long ball right into portsmouths hands, so the better side won...

but the game was a coma inducing pile of garbage...

Pompey didn't win the FA Cup by playing good football.

In fact, the likes of Cardiff and West Brom probably played the better football against them, which is utterly embarrasing considering Pompey is one league higher.

I honestly would not be happy if Villa were to win the FA Cup playing such dire football and getting lucky decisions in game - like not conceding stonewall penalties, letting our striker control the ball with his hand to set up a goal, scoring winners through horrific goalkeeping blunders etc.

Just my opinion though. I know a lot of people wouldn't care how we win, no matter how ugy it might be, but I won't feel a sense of satisfaction if I see Barry lift the trophy after we played such dire, unentertaining football. I would feel like we didn't deserve it.

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