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Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Newcastle

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quite a low key performance tbh, too casual, at times i was getting annoyed that we are almost playing like a training match.

Cash, Targett, Watkins and Konsa were immense.

Nakamba looked ok, didnt embarrass himself, was busy and worked hard, but you can see he is very limited when he has the ball.

Luiz looked really poor for me, at times he looked like he even had trouble balancing (honestly).

Barkley also looked very poor, hopefully he just needs to build fitness, but he was really poor.


cant wait for McGinn to be back, and have Sanson in the mix!

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At times we are a delight to watch play football!

Thought Traore had a great first half, his touches and movement had Newcastle all over the place.

Cash and Konsa were great too.

Newcastle have the look of a beaten team!

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Unless I missed something dramatic when I went to get a cup of tea towards the end of the game, Newcastle were dreadful. Some moments of excellent football but a fairly average performance from us overall - but that's all it had to be, and the 2-0 result is what matters at the end of the day. Job done.

Konsa was fantastic, Targett impressed me a lot too. Nakamba did a surprisingly good job too imo.

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Easy win at a canter. No where near our best, still rusty and unfit after Covid break but we looked a team missing a beat however we can go through the gears from here to get back to our best.

‘Grealish is at 50% of his early season form but still acceptable and dangerous, Barkley very rusty, Traore looked sharp, Nakamba slotted in perfectly without missing a beat, Mings awesome first half, Targett awesome all game. 

Very happy for Watkins, work on those offsides please 👍🏻

Newcastle up there in the teams I love to beat. Great stuff, trickier games ahead.

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6 minutes ago, HongKongVillan said:

We were actually quite poor and look fairly rusty towards the end. MoTM Marvelous for me. He covered so well from some of the errors made at the back

We've not played for 3 weeks, had half the squad out with covid and Barkley out for ages with injury. We have looked obviously risty in both games back. I think we fully fit would have caned this lot tonight and got something against city. A fully fit Villa are gonna be some force this season. Imagine with recruitment next season? Wow. We looked less intense last two games as we're still getting back to full fitness.

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1 minute ago, Michelsen said:

Very easy win, without ever really getting into full stride. I’ll have Marvelous as MOTM. If only I could find a suitable adjective to describe his performance. 

hard working but limited.

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