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12 hours ago, DJ_Villain said:

I like to see all Midlands clubs do well..

Obviously, I want to see Villa win local derbies... and with a derby comes a rivalry of sorts...

There is only one club I truly hate, and thats Spurs...

I hate their chairman, I hate their fans, I hate their self-pitying "why doesnt everyone want to see us do well" Liverpool--of-London thing they have going on...

I'd love to see every Midlands team in the Premier League... Blues, Coventry, West Brom, Walsall, Tamworth, Kidderminster Harriers... The lot...

But Spurs can **** off!

I'm kind of with you on this in that Birmingham is miles off other comparably sized cities, football wise. Liverpool, Manchester and London obviously the main ones.

I do sometimes wonder if we would have faired any differently in last 20 years with a prem title winning team as our local derby/rival, rather than blues and west brom. 

I feel that everton benefit from having liverpool, man u and city in their region, and often pick up their players, as I guess they want to stay locally. 

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For me the only team i truly hate with a passion is Small Heath

Wolves i want to beat when we play them but not bothered about their other results. Good for WMids football for them to do well.

WBA i have some family that love to stick it when they beat us/are doing better than us but have been quite these last few years. For that reason i'd like them to go down and hate losing to them but they come no where near the small heath result. If baggies beat us i'll be pissed for about an hour. If Blues beat us i'll be pissed the rest of my life 

Teams like Leeds/Newcastle i personally have no problem with but as their fans seem to have a massive issue with us, i like to beat them more so then a team like West Ham/Crystal Palace etc but then again, losing to them is just a loss at the end of the day. 

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On 15/12/2020 at 10:36, The Fun Factory said:

Blues,  and Albion. Albion was the big derby up to about the 1960s and recent years has been the Blues when we are in the same division.

Wolves have Albion and to a much lesser extent Stoke. That's about in the West Midlands apart from the fact every club hates us because we are the biggest.

Coventry- Villa was a example of that as Coventry hate Villa and we just saw them as a irrelevance.  Coming up for 20 years since JPA sent them down.

The rest are meaningless 'midlands derby' guff spouted in the pre match build up. 


A lot depends on how old you are and where you grew up. I was born just off Aston Lane and went to senior school in Handsworth. At school in the 60's the Villa just about edged it over the Baggies for the allegiance of the kids. There has always been a healthy rivalry between the clubs but never the hatred that comes from the Small Heath clan.

On a national scale, I have always thought the Villa and Everton have competed for the "Best of the rest" title. To this we can now add Wolves, Southampton, Arsenal (on current form), Palace & West Ham. Leeds and Newcastle complete our mini-league.

Sadly Spurs and Leicester have slipped away from us, for the time being.

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In a way, I'd say Everton are sort of our rivals too, only in a much more amicable way. They're the team we're most often likened to, it's the most contested fixture in all of English football, the banter with their fans is generally good, and we're in roughly the same situation as clubs right now.

It's not a rivalry in the traditional sense as I have a real soft spot for them, but it's one I enjoy more than most.

ETA: In my experience, their fans seemed genuinely sad to see us relegated and pleased to see us come back. I think they see the competition between us too.

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Small Heath for me, then WBA & Wolves. The rest of the clubs within a sixty mile radius don't much like us either and consider their games against us to be local derbies, so I want to beat them so that they can't claim any bragging rights over us.

Our rivals for me are the teams that we are in direct competition with during the season, over the years these have included Ipswich, Manchester United and Liverpool for example. Losing is something that I have always found difficult to accept, whatever the opposition may be, but in the case of some teams it stings so much more.

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Albion as my mates growing up supported them. However working in the Black country both co-workers and customers are Wolves supporters. It's amazing how quiet / silent they have been this week after giving it the big one for the last 18 months.........

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