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Dunno where to stick this but a post from reddit today...



I've finally left my job so now I can write this.

If you support any of the following teams and live in Europe, never make an online order from your team's website: PSG


Man utd

Man City


Aston Villa

Atletico Madrid



Any NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA team

England Rugby

Wales Rugby

British and Irish Lions

Formula 1

Ryder Cup

Blizzard entertainment (the gaming company)

This is because all of these online stores are run by a company called Fanatics (as is kitbag.com) and all online orders made from those websites come from Fanatics' warehouse and, at least in the UK, Fanatics is an abysmally run company.

There's a decent chance that if you make the order, they'll just keep your money and not send you what you ordered.

The amount of calls I got where the person would say they ordered something and never got it, then I check and it's out of stock. Had the customer not called, they'd never have found out. Most of the time, we didn't even have a date for when the stock would arrive.

Sometimes we'd process refunds and they just.... wouldn't go through. The customer would then have to call up again and chase it up, otherwise Fanatics would just keep the money.

The IT systems are abysmal in ways I don't have the energy to describe.

The people I worked with were great and none of the above issues were the fault of anyone in the building as far as I could tell, but I was so glad to leave and not have to tell customers "yeah sorry your stuff is out of stock, no we don't know when it's coming in, yes we should've told you earlier, here's 20% off your next order, no I understand why you won't be ordering again, fair enough".

Oh and I forgot to say, they use Hermes in the UK, so even if your order did go through, it still might not get to you.



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I've experienced the "item not arriving" situation. Was the claret stadium jacket from the promotion season. Briefly came back in stock and I snagged it. Never came. Waited the allotted "40 business days" or whatever before sending an email. To be fair, I did get my refund immediately though.

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