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For me Leeds edged that half. Hopefully they tire in the second half.

We haven't worked the ball well enough and while he has wonderful moments, Barkely has given it away a lot.

Every other touch in this game seems to be for Harrison.


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Not our greatest half of the season. We clearly have more talent compared to Leeds but they are doing well in nullifying it.

Expect a better 2nd half from us, we are better than this.

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Just now, Demitri_C said:

Good game. But we really have not been good today.  Worst performance of the season so far in the league 

You don't understand football if that's your opinion

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Leeds look good, full of energy, full of width which we always struggle with, should be a couple up but they’re not because bamford and Rodrigo are shit

was a pen but only just

need to be better in midfield 2nd half, get closer to Watkins 

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Pretty even half. Not much has gone right for Grealish, Barkley, McGinn and Watkins so far.

Dougie doing a brilliant job.

A few crosses from Leeds well delivered.

It should open up a bit in the 2nd.

Watkins playing well.

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3 minutes ago, Demitri_C said:

We have been dreadful going forward. Leeds shwoing how you attack

Think we've been crap too. Missing simple passes we shouldn't.


Don't think there's much between this so far. Both had good chances

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1 minute ago, TheAuthority said:

What are you on about? Because they run alot?

They've had a grand total of 1 shot on target and we've had 2

You clearly are not watching the same game as me then leeds have created various good moves going forward.  What have we done? Every attack is us running into a dead end or a poor pass in the box.

If leeds finishing was better we would be two goald down.

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