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Bertrand Traoré

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4 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

well all i'll say is thank **** i don't work for you. i could create a project plan and you'd sack me cause you think it's shite, rather than wait for the plan to be executed and see if it works of not

FWIW you have very unrealistic aspirations if signing a player with nearly 100 appearances for 3 of europe's top teams is a bad signing

and p.s. i have no **** idea who magnus carlsen is, but if he played as much as traore at the top level then i'd be excited about signing him too

No worries. A have a pretty good feeling you wouldn't have been able to get  employed in my company. 

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17 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

i think el ghazi is absolute dogshite...a good mate of mine thinks incredibly highly of him. fans have different opinions. i trust the judgement of people that are paid to sign players rather than fans

after last summer and the subsequent season, i guarantee any players signed this window will have been scrutinesed 10 times more strictly than last summer.

Is this a photo of your mate? 



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i just think this feels like a weird transfer, if he's great....then great.

But it almost feels like to get here we must have had rejections (in a sane world) from Rashica, Buendia, Benrahma, Cantwell, King.......others?, before getting to this point, i just cant imagine Traore was/is our no1 RW/IF choice?

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