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Emiliano Martínez

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New mantra: the ignore button is better than the submit reply one.

EDIT: And yet I somehow did both. Space and timeeeee.

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2 hours ago, villalad21 said:

Recon he will be very frustrated with Mings at times.

Remember Reina hammering him on occasions.

No Way Wrestling GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

I see those positivity lessons are working out well for you 😂

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wasn’t a bad penalty either, just a **** brilliant save.

aside from that he can use his feet. massive confidence booster in keeping the ball and moving it up the pitch. owned his area with the ball in the air.

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Just looks the total package. 

Good with his feet, 

Good in the air.

Good shot stopper.

Commanding and commits when he makes a decision.

Feels weird trusting the man between the sticks.

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