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Emiliano Martínez


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2 hours ago, a-k said:

You do realize Steer made a string of solid saves that got us to pens in the first place, right?


1 hour ago, DJ_Villain said:

To be fair, he wasn’t that bad… it was just his penalty shenanigans which were atrocious


56 minutes ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

I think @MaVilla is talking about the league game. He wasn’t the best in that. 

He played really well in the cup game. 

Yeah i meant the league game, where imo he was really poor.

He did make a couple of decent saves in the cup match, but should we expect any less from a PL level keeper!?

His penalties were atrocious, though.

it is what it is in terms of cover, but *touch wood*, if Emi got injured that would be a total disaster.

Hopefully Sinisalo might be ready/developed enough to cover next season, although probably not yet tbh.

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4 hours ago, ThunderPower_14 said:


While I agree, I don't necessarily think that the clubs who could afford to spend what Martinez will command (both in transfer fee and wages) particularly need a goalkeeper. A lot of those goalkeepers appear set long term.

It was a bit bizarre to hear him linked to Atletico a few months back given they have Jan Oblak, arguably the greatest keeper in the world at the moment, who is younger than Emi. 


It's not like City buying our best player to be their 6th top quality attacking midfielder. Teams don't need 2 top quality goalkeepers.

If Oblak goes, was how I read that speculation. 

It's an easy enough link.  Real and Barca are strapped for cash, Simeone as manager of Atletico etc etc. 

So easy I assume it's made up pish. 

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16 hours ago, MotoMkali said:

This is from a while ago, but I didn't see it. But damn what a man. Hope we can keep him for a long time, he wants to stay too. 

I’d have him as captain if Tyrone was out. But then as a type that I realise a good thing now is we have quite a few contenders/leaders.

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Premier League players will be allowed to travel to red-list nations to represent their countries in this month's World Cup qualifiers - but only if they are fully vaccinated.

Players must adhere to a strict code of conduct regarding transport, close contacts, testing and bubbles.

They will have to quarantine in "bespoke facilities" for 10 days upon their arrival back in the UK.

They will be permitted to leave quarantine once a day to train or play.

"We have worked closely with football authorities to achieve an outcome that balances the interests of both club and country while maintaining the highest levels of public health and safety," said a government spokesperson.

"Our best defence against the virus is vaccination and these new measures will allow fully vaccinated players to fulfil their international duties in the safest, most practical way possible, while allowing them to train and play with their clubs as early as possible upon their return."

The UK government has relaxed Covid-19 regulations after the problems it caused during the September international break.

On that occasion, the Premier League decided not to release players, prompting a clash with football's world governing body Fifa, which had demanded individuals be allowed to travel and play.

Aston Villa and Tottenham did allow their Argentina internationals to represent their country for their World Cup qualifiers in South America.

However, it led to farcical scenes at the Brazil v Argentina game in Sao Paulo where the match was abandoned after five minutes when Brazilian health officials came on to the pitch to stop play, saying Argentina's four England-based players had to quarantine.

They returned via Croatia to avoid having to quarantine when arriving back in the UK.


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4 minutes ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

So if Emi is realised early he can play in the Wolves game? 

I don’t know how Fifa can justify having games a day before club football resumes. It’s a joke. 

If he has been vaccinated… which Deano says he has!

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