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I should also add that Wolfsburg were linked earlier today too but after their game today their sporting director has said they're done for this window so that's Bayern, RBL and Wolfsburg out of the running. Leverkusen were linked too but they won't sign anyone unless Bailey is sold.

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Just now, Wes said:

Incredible! What a ride this thread has been so far this summer. It's not over yet, but this would be a truly amazing signing.

Should he sign where would we see him fit in;

a) RW instead of Traore

b) LW with Grealish moving to #10, dropping Barkley (or JMG with Barkley moving to 😎

c) #10 with Barkley dropped or moving to 8 at JMG expense


Option A does the seem the likeliest but I do feel we are prepping to slowly move Grealish back to 10 and then we will have both wingers inverted (just like Dean said his preference is). Would be harsh on JMG or Barkley but gives us options anyway - if we want to push on there are naturally gonna be some disappointed players!

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