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5 minutes ago, JAMAICAN-VILLAN said:

Think this was posted a few pages back, and seems to be regurgitation IMO.

Furthermore, the tweet from the Kosovan journalist last night kind of bolloxed that notion.

I really have not got the foggiest what is going on with this alleged transfer anymore but still strangely drawn to it like a moth to a flame

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13 minutes ago, Teale's 'tache said:

Can I sell my likes for money? Been away for a week so I'm loaded...

make it rain money GIF

I'll take your money for likes, I'm sure we could all share in on that little venture with you.

bilbo feeling GIF

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9 minutes ago, JAMAICAN-VILLAN said:

Run out of likes... again.

Is a good job they did t sell likes for money on this forum isnt it.

100 likes for £10.00p, wonder who would buy into it, you'd guarantee those who say they wouldnt really would 😉..

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2 minutes ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

I’ve never ran out of likes ever. Does that mean I’m a miserable git?  Because I am. 

To be honest after all this time I didnt even know there was a cap on likes.

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3 hours ago, TrentVilla said:

I have no idea why anyone takes any notice of Gregg Evans, I've know lumps of wood be more informed of events at Villa Park than that fraud.

I'm pretty sure there are lumps of wood more informed about events at Gregg Evans' house than Gregg Evans.

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1 hour ago, Greenfly said:

If this deal looks like it's going to drag on too long, I think we should set a deadline to pull out. We can't really afford the deal to fall through with no time left to sort an alternative.

That's a rubbish post, none of your puns make any sense.

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