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I didn't know anything about Rashica.

I was never overly fussed if he signed or he didn't.

I'm not sure if he'd improve us or not. (lack of knowledge, no reflection on player)



But it'd be damn funny to sign a player that one poster on here has been crowing about us not signing 🤣

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1 minute ago, SeanVilla said:

Is anyone else worried that IF he does sign, this thread will become boring?

Until we start playing and he’s either, (perceived to be), brilliant or garbage and the madness will start again. 

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3 minutes ago, AvonVillain said:

Wait... what? Can someone please tell me how many pages I need to go back for actual news on this, rather than seeing cutesy/excitable GIFs??

I’d suggest page 1. Then there’s 200 odd pages of nonsense. 

The latest news is around page 196 if we’re being sensible. 

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