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1 hour ago, thabucks said:

All are pretty much interchangeable and I’d swop Watkins for Edouard. Pretty frightening how creative that line up with SJM & Luiz could be and night and day from last season.


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Bremen have become the german version of Villa in Bundesliga since Hamburg went down two years ago. Just scraped survivial in the relegation play off (Rashica was a bit injured in the run in as he kept on getting subbed around 60th minute in games I watched).

Sad to see considering that fantastic team they had of Diego and Ozil about a decade ago. Claudio Pizzaro still plays for them btw, 41 now!

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34 minutes ago, VillaChris said:

Foreign journos from small football countries very often have good relationships with star players as they're seen as sporting ambassadors for the country and treated with respect, completely different to the level of distrust you get over here.


Much better than our media seem to have with our players and our leagues,seems the reporting is done properly abroad or at least at a better standard like reporters chase the story, something we have lost along time ago in sports.

English reporting is puke up time it's just bad all over.

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For anyone thinking we aren't an attraction, Wolves were signing this calibre of player in the championship. It's why they caned it.

And he and Jack could player either wing and alternate sides.

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53 minutes ago, JAMAICAN-VILLAN said:

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor

So this journalist DEFINITELY knows him.

29th of July this apparently.

This and the insta make for compelling evidence.

I think we have cracked this case everyone.

I expect to see him in the shirt, holding the scarf, wearing the mask, on the pitch by next Wednesday!

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6 minutes ago, dudevillaisnice said:

Still not convinced, something doesn’t feel right with it all. Maybe drumming up interest in the hope some other club else bids seems likely 🤔

This was kinda what I was thinking aswel , hope we are both off the mark 

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They've even now changed the hashtag on the YouTube video "The brilliance of Milot Rashica" which I shared in the thread earlier to #Astonvilla in the last hour, and put our badge next to him in the thumbnail.

This would be the biggest troll and cruelest game ever if nothing comes of this.

The Author of the video has also "Liked" the "Welcome to Villa" comments.

EDIT: Just realised he does the same bollox with any player strongly linked to a club 🤦🏾‍♂️



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