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1 minute ago, Wainy316 said:

Christ, if McNulty is right they have bummed us.  He better be good!

Yeah. We've been put over the bonnet on that one. 

Nevermind, let's hope he lives up to the hype and the price tag.

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1 minute ago, Rolta said:

I mean I'd do a few things. I'd think how every window it's very difficult to sign players. I'd see how 95% of the obvious transfers in the Championship are still at their clubs despite guaranteed Premier League interest. I'd think about how little we actually know goes on and how we truly, really know effectively nothing about the day to day actions of the club and the plans for the club in the transfer window. I'd think a little about how easy it would be for a selling club to stick to their price. I'd think about how footballers have agents telling them this or that club are interested, and how some players might wait for bigger moves to come off. I'd have to also appreciate that we're not going to be everyone's first choice considering how close we were to relegation—but I'd still hope that given patience we'll be able to manage some signings that will improve us, but that it's best not to get hysterical about things happening slowly because, again, that's the way it always/mostly happens.

I'd also stop myself making massive leaps of logic based on pretty much no evidence.

I didn't even mention the pandemic!

Patience was for a couple of weeks ago when you could legitimately look at the clubs around us and say none of them have strengthened. We literally escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth and a huge slice of luck.

I don't think we should just pay whatever Brentford want for him with no regard to our own valuation. I would hope the club haven't spent the whole wondow chasing someone who's expressed no interest in coming to Villa but of course it's possible someone more attractive could come in and take him at the last minute, shit happens. At some point though, the club has to make a decision or force Brentford to make a decision because we can't wait indefinitely.

If we don't strengthen we will get relegated this year...that's not being hysterical it's just fact. It would be nice for the club to get their business done earlier just once so the squad have time to familiarise.

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