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Financial Ramifications of Covid-19 Pandemic


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I suspect this is something that will affect more people than Covid-19, and probably last a lot longer. 

The global GDP will take an absolute hammering and the Q1,  Q2 results will indicate how bad it's actually been. China has shut down a LOT of industry, even if they are coming back online. Apparantly car sales and production has fallen 85% over there. Which affects raw materials, aluminum, silisium etc. The electronic business has struggled getting stuff together for this time, with even Apple calling on revenue guidance in Feb. 

Italy is a huge economy. Total shut down. Spain, France, Germany all very reduced economic machinery atm. US haven't really seen the start of it yet. 

Airlines, cruiselines, hotels, the entire tourism industry. Bars, restaurants, hairdressers, tattoo shops, any type of shop really. The entire customer service branch. 

Construction. Lots of projects delayed both directly due to the measures taken and lack of raw material delivery. Exports halted. 

Oil crisis on top of this. 

Global recession has probably started already. God knows how many people already have lost their jobs or going bankrupt. 

Normally I guess the central banks would ease off with rate cuts, but when half the world already haven't recovered from the last bank crisis. What tools do they have?

Average companies not directly affected are estimating earning losses of 10-20%, and that's probably not conservative. 

All because some dude ate a bat. 


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