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Match Thread: Leicester v Villa


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Just now, Herman22 said:

How is Guilbert still on the pitch? It's one of the poorest performances I think I've ever seen in a Villa shirt. Truly pathetic. 

Indeed. Been done on positioning/pace time and time again. and useless with the ball. Contributed to all 4 goals.

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3 minutes ago, foreveryoung said:

Watch how we play. I have never seen such poor tactics. Generally, the midfield feeds a striker, i.e Samatta. The striker in our team has to do it all himself, an when he fails, fans say he is poor

It’s not just that, he runs around a lot but his touch is poor and looks slow as f.

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Just now, lapal_fan said:

Heads are down, belief has gone, no one to rely on, just a bunch of strangers without a common goal. 

Spells relegation. 

I don't know where to go from here, but the momentum from coming up is well gone.  We'll have funds to replace Jack, but I expect most of the others to stay.  Do you sack smith and start from scratch again?  Or give him time and money to bounce back from the Championship?  

It's a very difficult proposition. 

I don't want anyone like Allardyce, is there anyone out there who fancies a crack?  Or do you stick with Smith?  He's already got us up once. 

How does DS recover? He hasn’t showed any ability to raise these players, which is a great shame.

I like the guy but I think he’s learning (by his own admission) and we need someone who has learned a bit more.

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1 minute ago, bobzy said:

Seriously mate, just **** off posting about Smith.  We get the point.

No. I’ll post want I want thanks. Don’t want to read it? Hit the ignore button.

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