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You would , Wouldn't you ?  

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  1. 1. You would , Wouldn't you ?

    • Lois Griffen - (Family Guy)
    • Marge Simpson
    • Wilma Flintstone
    • Betty Rubble
    • Jane Jetson
    • Josie - from Josie and the pussycats
    • Penelope Pitstop
    • Smurfette
    • Daphne Blake (Scooby doo)
    • Amy Wong (futurama)

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Theoretically, she'd be in her early 30s now, right? I mean, she was like 8 or so in the mid-80s...

She kind of has a Jodie Foster thing going on, but I mean, c'mon: she's smart, blonde, funny, really **** good with computers, and has a dog that can walk on his hind legs! If she can cook, I'm sold.

EDIT: wiki must be mistaken... Inspector Gadget wasn't shown in the UK until 2000?

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^^ Brilliant

I have to assume Tony would hit Josie as she is the most obscure nomination and would only be included by someone who had the hots for her

Nah I went for Lois as she seems to be a right dirty cow .. My wife did Kiss ..yeah

I tried to cover a broad spectrum for all ..... apart the rabbit fetish brigade :-)

thought Smurfette would have got more votes though

Smurfette? I don't think anyone wants anything to do with those commie scum.

I went for Amy Wong. I guess I'm just "another asshole with a fetish for asian girls" in cartoons.

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Gotta be Jap animes. The best non Jap cartoon character won't even hold a candle to a top mainstream anime character, but the Jappos actually have got porn anime (hentai) , which sort of puts this thread to bed really.

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  • 3 years later...

If ever a tread was worthy of necromancy, this was it. How the **** did I miss this first time round? :crylaugh:

When i saw the thread I came in here to accuse someone of being a sick bastard

then I looked at the opening post and saw who started the thread ... D'oh

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Tess from Pole Position


Stunt driver so she obviously knows what to do with a knob in her hands, plus she had a Ford Mustang that could hover.

Cheetara (reboot)


This shit should be illegal in a kid's cartoon. Just look at that rack. Plus, she'd be a literal tiger in the sack.

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