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Pacino or DeNiro?


De Niro or Pacino, who is best?  

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  1. 1. De Niro or Pacino, who is best?

    • De Niro
    • Pacino

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DeNiro, no doubt at all, Pacino has ONE style!

I think he has two: Shouting Al Pacino and Shouting Really Loud Al Pacino.

I think both are great, but De Niro is the one with a better range imo.

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Guess I would go for De Niro ...Pacino doesn't quite have as much range as De Niro for my money

but if I had more options I would probably not vote either of them as my top choices ...guess I perfer a more subtle actor

James Stewart would be my number 1 and probably Christian Bale at 2 with Ed Norton at 3

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That was the character in SOAW IMO. Similar to his role alongside Reeves in Devil's Advocate.

They're both softening in their old age actually. I find De Niro increasingly difficult to take seriously (as an actor as opposed to his comedic roles). Things like 'Meet The Fockers' or 'Analyse That' etc do nothing for him IMO.

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De Niro.

Pacino has become hopelessly typecast, and partly I think it's his own fault. Plays the same character in every film he's in. Scarface probably is the culprit. And even that isn't that good.

Whereas De Niro is quite versatile, capable of parodying himself in the likes of Meet the Parents, which showed him a good comedy actor, or the more serious aspects of his range in his more well critiqued films like Raging Bull.

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Can't see how people think Pacino only plays one character.

Manic in Dog Day Afternoon, Cold and calculated in Godfather, Nutter in Scarface, Paranoid in Serpico, Cool in Carlitos Way,

Warm in Frankie and Johnny, Scene stealing in Dick Tracey, Gullible in Donny Brasco, etc,etc.

Pacino is a fantastic actor who plays the stage as much as the movies.

Although Pacino has made some fantastic films, De Niro best ones have been better.

Godfather II and Heat obviously not included but Taxi Driver, Deerhunter, Once Upon A Time in America,Raging Bull and Goodfellas are all amazing.

Therefore the best out of Pacino and De Niro is....................

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