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VillaTalk Deadpool 2020


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10 minutes ago, Mandy Lifeboats said:

Jeff Hardy (Wrestler)

Paul Gascoigne (Police siege negotiator)

Bam Margera (Jackass) 

Madeline McCann ( Hide and Seek World Champion)

Jon Venables  (Murderer) 

Oi, you can't have someone who's already dead ;)

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On 30/12/2019 at 17:32, It's Your Round said:

After ignoring this thread for ages thinking it was about Marvel superhero films, or some such rubbish, I’m pleased to see it’s not. Now I’m here I may as well play... 

Kirk Douglas 

Prince Philip

Gene Hackman

James Earl Jones 

Alex Ferguson

grim reaper horror gif GIF

I genuinely thought that Death was waiting for people on your list to die by "bashing one out".

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Already posted my list but for those of you who haven't yet perhaps Amanda Bynes is good pick.

apparently she's off her meds, have quit rehab/treatment and has just gotten this classy tattoo 


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22 minutes ago, sne said:

Ex NBA commissioner David Stern dead at 77

And Nick Gordon, the guy who supposedly killed Whitney Houston's daughter dead at 30

First Mooney of 2020 in the dead pool thread. 

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