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VillaTalk Deadpool 2020


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3 minutes ago, bannedfromHandV said:

Yeah my list isn’t a wish list sadly, although a wish list would be more fun:

Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage

Katie Hopkins

The pleb who owns Wetherspoons

Priti Patel

I’m ashamed to share the first name of that clearing in the woods. 

The world would be a better place without those five though, for sure. 

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1 hour ago, Tegis said:

Already gone I think

So he has!  Will substitute for another wrestler, they tragically don't have much of a shelf-life.

1 hour ago, mottaloo said:


I know, I know, I was thinking along the same depressing lines of Atkinson / Ehiogu.

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5 hours ago, bickster said:

There's already no point in putting Phil the Greek, the points would shared by so many, you'll get like 2 points each 

Plus he is immortal. 


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