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Match Thread: LC5 Villa v Liverpool


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2 minutes ago, Keyblade said:

Give it a rest man, Jesus. 11 minutes into a game.

Against a bunch of Kids. Take your glasses off, they are all over us. This side lost against Acrington recently.

Take ot all back chap, Kodj our new striker😁👍

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Just now, Vancvillan said:

On a lighter note, the combination of kit colours would really have annoyed me on Pro Evo on the PS2. They'd all be blocky white blobs so picking out those runs would be tricky on the eyes.

Remember when Man U had that grey 3rd kit that they said blended in to the crowd so they couldn't see each other?

Either way, we're getting battered so far.

I've been playing PES 6 on the PS2 and that's all I've been thinking :lol:

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