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The town square area is pretty enough with lots of bars and restaurants , its kinda in the old town so also has the bastion ,  couple of nice churches and look scenic look out points ..the invention factory might be interesting if that's your thing  .. Kadriorg  park is nice for a walk about and also where a lot of the museums are based ( again , if that's your thing)

No real "wow "factor though , other than the women :) ( but I doubt they will be wearing the skimpy outfits they were wearing in July when I was there  )


if you are feeling adventurous then take the Ferry to Helsinki for the day   , there is a big(ish) market along the front as you come out the ferry terminal and you can eat Reindeer in some of the restaurants if you want some novelty value ... there is a Tractor restaurant that is quite famous within walking distance  ( called Zetor i think)  where you can have mousse of smoked reindeer , reindeer soup  , reindeer steak  ..other meats are available though so fear not

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