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January Transfers 2019/20

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30 minutes ago, DaveAV1 said:

I remember when Zola signed for Chelsea, I think he’d been hawked around a few club’s including us. I’m not sure exactly how old he was, but I’m sure he was the wrong side of 30 and nobody was particularly interested. Then Chelsea signed him, he became a legend and  he seemed to play there for years. Giroud could be our Zola signing. 

Those signings routinely seemed dismissed on here but not everyone has to be like a Lescott or even a Drinkwater. Richards when he signed was only 26 despite being around for a decade when he came in.

Many clubs who rose from mid table to be among the front runners in the league signed experienced players at the start of their projects, Man. City for example signed Patrick Vieria who didn't contribute much on the pitch but everyone in the dressing room respected his professionalism and what he'd achieved in the game.

Already we're seeing Reina being praised by DS for his mentality and we need more of those types in the dressing room next season.

I've no idea how we're eventually going to be a major force again in this league just signing unknown young players from minor leagues. People point to Leicester as an example but would we have ever considered signing Johnny Evans? Can't see it with how we approached the summer.

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58 minutes ago, screwdriver said:

the dither brothers deano and jesus really have got soup in the laundry bag this time.

by keeping their powder dry and waiting till nearer the end of the window to sign a striker in hope of the price goes down will now certainly leave then searching through the waifs and strays

especially now manchester united need  strikers as well as spurs. due to rashfords injury.

we had a  golden opportuinity to get a coup such a piatek in before any of the big guns came sniffing, however as usual failure to get deals over the line has cost us.

It's just like when Gregory let Junhinio and Keane slip through the net. Forever in excrement creek!

Your assuming the likes of Piatek would have signed for a side fighting to avoid relegation...….unlikely even if it is the mighty Villa

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10 minutes ago, SuffolkVillan said:

Your assuming the likes of Piatek would have signed for a side fighting to avoid relegation...….unlikely even if it is the mighty Villa

McGinn turned down celtic to come to the champ.

Don't underestimate the pull of B6, body more heath and the chance to live in gods country. you wouldn't know being suffolk.

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2 minutes ago, CharlieAitken59 said:

We need Nzonzi desperately. Hardly let's anyone through easily. Teams will have to find other ways to get around us. Allowing our midfield more time and space on the ball. It would be a godsend for JG allowing him more time to work his magic.

Will he storm out of training and get suspended for us too?

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16 minutes ago, KenjiOgiwara said:

The Polish girl next to me can inform me that Piatek literally means Friday, so Christopher Friday. 

Not sure why I am saying this, but it was funny to me. There you go. 

That's interesting but can she get him to sign for us?

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5 minutes ago, Adam2003 said:

I don’t even remember him being that good for Stoke, he must have really come on over the past few years the way people talk about him! Haven’t seen much of him so will take everyone’s word for it.

Sort of reinvented himself in Spain at seville and got himself into the french team

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